External Javascript Libraries


You have a plugin that needs to load some external javascript libraries.


Add an index.js configuration file to your plugin, and reference that in package.json. This will be merged into the main OpenSphere index page by opensphere-build-index.


index.json might look something like this, where a couple of video.js dependencies are loaded.

'use strict';

const fs = require('fs');
const path = require('path');
const resolver = require('opensphere-build-resolver/utils');

// if opensphere isn't linked in node_modules, assume it's a sibling directory
const appPath = resolver.resolveModulePath('opensphere') || path.join(__dirname, '..', 'opensphere');
const versionFile = path.join(appPath, '.build', 'version');
const version = fs.readFileSync(versionFile, 'utf8').trim().replace(/.*\//, '');

module.exports = {
  basePath: __dirname,
  appPath: appPath,
  appVersion: version,
  distPath: path.join(appPath, 'dist', 'opensphere'),
  templates: [{
    // add video libraries to main index page
    id: 'index',
    // don't generate index files here, only resolve the resources
    skip: true,
    resources: [{
      source: resolver.resolveModulePath('video.js/dist', __dirname),
      target: 'vendor/video.js',
      scripts: ['video.min.js'],
      css: ['video-js.min.css']
      source: resolver.resolveModulePath('@videojs/http-streaming/dist', __dirname),
      target: 'vendor/video.js',
      scripts: ['videojs-http-streaming.min.js']

The resources array part of the templates can contain several entries (two shown here).

The resolver resolveModulePath() call will find the specified directory, and the specified scripts and css entries will be linked into OpenSphere.

You can also use files (instead of, or as well as, scripts and css) to support as-needed (‘lazy’) loading of scripts, or make additional files available. An example might look like:

  source: resolver.resolveModulePath('...', __dirname),
  target: '....',
  files: ['data.json', '*.+(gif|png)', 'extrafiles']
Those three entries in the files array select:
  • the specified file (i.e. data.json)
  • all files with either of the specified extensions (.gif and .png)
  • the extrafiles directory including contents

The package.json part simply needs to provide the file name as part of the build properties:

  "name": "....",
  "build": {
    "index": "index.js",