Server Plugin Guide¶

Here we walk through creating a plugin for a new server or provider type: Tileserver-GL. There are other examples of these in OpenSphere, such as OGC (WMS/WFS) and ArcGIS.

With any server type, it is important to have an instance we can hit for testing. Follow the instructions in the Tileserver-GL README (download a datafile and fire up the Docker container). If you have installed httpd or nginx, you may want to pick a different port mapping from those instructions so that the ports do not conflict. This guide assumes port 8081.

After that is done, you should be able to hit http://localhost:<port>/index.json. This is the file that our server type will read.

If you wish for this to be an external, separately released plugin, then fork opensphere-plugin-example and follow the instructions in its readme as a starting point.

If you wish for this to be a core plugin included with OpenSphere then simply begin adding your plugin code to src/plugin/yourplugin. However, if you are serious about getting your plugin included to the core project, please create an issue for it so we can discuss it.