Application Index

This guide will walk through the application’s index.js. This file is used by opensphere-build-index to generate the application’s index.html (both debug and compiled versions), and by opensphere-build-resolver’s resources plugin to identify/copy resources for the distribution. Everything in this file is documented in the README, but we’ll quickly go over everything here.


The module.exports must provide the following:

  • appVersion: Path to the application’s version directory. This is output to .build/version by the build, so we read it from there.
  • packageVersion: The version number for the application, typically read from the package.json.
  • basePath: The base directory of the project, typically __dirname.
  • distPath: The base directory of the distribution, typically dist/<app>. This is treated as relative to basePath.
  • templates: HTML template files to process. This will generally be an index-template.html used to generate an index.html, but other templates can be specified as well.
  • debugCss: Path to the compiled debug CSS output file.
  • debugJs: Path to the debug JS output file.
  • compiledCss: Path to the compiled CSS output file.
  • compiledJs: Path to the compiled JS output file.

Debug JavaScript files will be determined by opensphere-build-closure-helper and automatically added to the index.html in the base directory.


Each template has a resources array that identifies what to include in the distribution. This should be an array of objects with the following properties:

  • source: [required] Base path to locate specified resoures.
  • target: [required] Base path under appVersion to copy specified resources.
  • scripts: (optional) JavaScript files to copy and include as <script> tags in the HTML file.
  • css: (optional) CSS files to copy and include as <link> tags in the HTML file.
  • files: (optional) Additional files to copy, but not include. These are typically files referenced by the application.


Resources often come from npm dependencies and are located in the node_modules folder. When using a Yarn workspace, this folder may exist at various levels in the folder structure. opensphere-build-resolver provides a utility function, resolveModulePath, that will locate these modules for you.